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Technology Availability Readiness Atlas (TARA):

  • TARA provides the opportunity to make mining safer, more efficient and cost-effective;
Technology: TARA aims to capture technologies that South African Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have developed or are developing for the mining industry.
Availability: Allows Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to demonstrate their current commercially available technologies.
Readiness: Allows OEMs to demonstrate (with necessary protection) technologies which are being developed but not necessarily commercially available yet and/or explore partnerships or collaboration opportunities.
Atlas: Allows for better access and increased visibility of equipment and technologies to the mining industry.


TARA Objectives

  • provide the mining industry with access to the capabilities and offerings of local OEMs;
  • providing specification and state of readiness of technologies and equipment offered by local OEMs;
  • create a platform for local suppliers and products to access the local mining supply-chain;
  • provide researchers with information catalogues about available Products;
  • validation of equipment specifications as claimed by the OEM.

Who will benefit from this site:

  • Mining houses: awareness of the various equipment and technologies which will improve product selection decision making;
  • OEMs: a central platform linking their offerings with potential clients;
  • Researchers.

The Establishment of the Mandela Mining Precinct:

  • established in 2018 as a public-private collaboration between government and industry;
  • in tribute to the legacy of President Mandela, who brought people together to work on challenges, similarly the Mandela Mining Precinct brings together minds for mines to address challenges in mining.

The Mandela Mining Precinct aims to:

  • be the vehicle for a Healthy, Safe, Innovative, Transformative & Economically viable mining industry;
  • be an enabler for the creation of technological solutions for the benefit of the South African Mining Industry, then SADC operations and ultimately into the rest of the African continent;
  • revive mining via the South African Mining Extraction Research, Development and Innovation (SAMERDI) initiative:
    • Longevity of current mining (LOCM)
    • Mechanisation - Drill and Blast (MDB)
    • Mechanisation - Drill and Blast (MDB)
    • Advance Orebody Knowledge (AOK)
    • Real-time Information Management Systems (RTIMS)
    • Successful Applications of Technology Centered around People (SATCAP)

Establishment of Mining Equipment Manufacturers of South Africa (MEMSA):

  • modernisation of mining will require local technological innovations to be developed;
  • displacement of imports with South African products;
  • MEMSA as a Cluster is supported the Department of Trade and Industry;
  • building partnerships with state and private sector bodies to increase communication and leverage collaboration towards cluster objectives;
  • establish South African manufacturers as global leaders in narrow-reef, hard rock mining systems.

MEMSA’s Vision:

To position South African Mining Capital Goods, Components & Product manufacturers as a cost competitive, innovative & transformative Industrial Cluster who are the preferred Suppliers to local, regional and global markets.