Mandela Mining Precinct

The Mandela Mining Precinct is a public-private research, development, and innovation partnership between government, represented by the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI), Department of Trade and Industry (DTIC) and Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE), and industry represented by the Minerals Council South Africa (MCSA).

The Mandela Mining Precinct, funded by the DSI and MCSA, initiated and funded the development of the Mining TARA portal which aims to provide the mining industry with a central access point into the capabilities and offerings of local OEMs. Mining TARA is a key component of the Mandela Mining Precinct’s strategy to ensure mines are safer, more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable.

The database is relevant to the objectives of, and interfaces with several of the Mandela Mining Precinct’s research programmes, namely

  • Mechanised Mining Systems (MMS)
  • Longevity of Current Mines (LOCM)
  • Real Time Information Management Systems (RTIMS)
  • Successful Application of Technologies Centred Around People (SATCAP), and
  • the Test Mine Programme.