Supplier Information

Name: Novatek
Contact: Sales or JulianWills
Phone: 011 210 0700
Email: sales@novatek.co.za
Website: http://www.novatek.co.za
Address: 6 Kindon Rd, undefined, undefined, Gauteng, 2091

The Novatek hydropowered chainsaw uses a Cheetah frame, blade and chain, powered by a Novatek pelton motor and lubrication system. It is designed for cutting of timber supports in working areas equipped with hydropower. The Novatek-powered chainsaw has the following features: • It incorporates the advantages of the Cheetah saw, namely: • Well established in the industry. • Self-levelling frame. • Patented automatic chain tensioning achieved by simply releasing and retightening a single nut, no operator adjustment is required. • Light weight and portability. • Standard tool steel or optional tungsten carbide tipped chain. • Direct injection of chain lube. The Novatek lubricator automatically applies chain lubrication during each cut. • The Novatek pelton motor provides a simple and powerful drive for quick cutting and water flushing of woodchips. • The motor is controlled via a simple trigger valve based on a proven robust design incorporating a safety catch – operated with one hand while the other hand is used to feed the saw into the cut. • Heavy duty cage encloses all components and hoses, allowing the saw to withstand harsh mining conditions.

Equipment Type


Novatek and Cheetah



Mining Type


Mine Development

Stoping, Support

Mining Activity


Mining Method

Conventional, Hybrid


Gold, Platinum, Chrome, Hardrock

Energy source

Logistics & materials handling



Working Pressure: Up to 18 MPa
Cutting Diameter: 325 mm
Cutting Time: Typ 4-6s on 200mm diam
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