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Contact: Yolande Viljoen

Phone: 0117247820

Address: Corner Bergvlei, Crocker and Stellenberg Rd, Wadeville, Gauteng, Republic of South Africa, , Johannesburg, Gauteng, 1428

FLP Grader 19T
Type: Flame-Proof
OEM: Fermel (Pty) Ltd
Mining Cycle: Mine Development; Access Development
Mining Activity: Supporting; Services
Mining Method: Mechanized
Mineral: Coal
Ore Location: Underground
Rock Hardness: Soft
Description: A FLP 19 Ton mining grader, with permanent 4WD on a six wheeled center articulated machine with a front steering axle. The unique design feature is the enclosed stand-alone operating cabin, which is mounted on a scissors platform within the rear chassis to allow the entire structure to move vertically as required for visibility and to negotiate overhead obstacles. It has comprehensive blade manipulation, commensurate to that of construction equipment counterpart graders. The machine can be used both for the building and maintenance of underground roads.