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Contact: Yolande Viljoen

Phone: 0117247820

Address: Corner Bergvlei, Crocker and Stellenberg Rd, Wadeville, Gauteng, Republic of South Africa, , Johannesburg, Gauteng, 1428

FLP Extractor 450T
Type: Flame-Proof
OEM: Fermel (Pty) Ltd
Mining Cycle: Access Development
Mining Activity: Supporting; Services
Mining Method: Mechanized
Mineral: Coal
Ore Location: Underground
Rock Hardness: Soft
Description: A FERMEL unique product. Finds use in both hard-rock and coal mining applications for the retrieval of buried equipment in stooping, pillar extraction and open-stope mining. Wedge-like shape allows for a positive lock between the footwall and hanging with telescopic multi stage cylinders extending to the roof, and the machine retracted from its wheels, resting on its belly. Automatically sequenced chain lock, pulling and spooling functions with a single lever operation.