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Contact: Yolande Viljoen

Phone: 0117247820

Address: Corner Bergvlei, Crocker and Stellenberg Rd, Wadeville, Gauteng, Republic of South Africa, , Johannesburg, Gauteng, 1428

FLP Cassette Handler
Type: Flame-Proof
OEM: Fermel (Pty) Ltd
Mining Cycle: Mine Development; Access Development; Logistics
Mining Activity: Supporting; Services
Mining Method: Mechanized
Mineral: Coal
Ore Location: Underground
Rock Hardness: Soft
Description: Manufactured on the MEDIATOR base, its configuration makes it ideal for use in low headroom applications, with its unique parallel lift of the cassette. A Five ton effective payload capacity, available in a fully flameproof guise for use in fiery mines, up to the working face, it allows users to containerize and optimize a mine’s logistic transport system.