Intelligent bolter

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Name: Nkangala Mining Equipment
Contact: PaulBuckley
Phone: 0710644583
Website: NA
Address: 9 Milli Street, Middleburg , Middleburg, Mpumalanga, 1050


The roof bolter is 11.7 meters in length and 2.3m wide. It has a height of from 1.4m to 3m depending on requirements and thus can operate in low seam areas. The working weight of the machine will be from 1.4m to 6m and can cover a complete 5m wide face from one centre position. Power for tramming and positioning is supplied by a 121kw tier 4 diesel engine and then can be switched over to 525V for the Drilling and bolting operation, thus eliminating diesel fumes whilst drilling and bolting The control systems allow the downloading of the drilling plan / pattern onto the on-board PLC system. The system reports hole depth and drilling effort to the control centre. These documents / report lead to a greater detailed drilling and bolting process, which ensures a more accurate quality control of the processes The drilling data system allows for more consistent drilling, which improves the bolt & blast integrity while recording the torque and force applied to drill each hole. This data will allow the mine management to review hole data almost instantaneous and “see” the actual drilling conditions on the face / roof etc. Thus allowing them to “see” the soft rock and void areas. Compensation for these areas can then be made during drilling and bolting, be it deeper drilling or additional drilling and bolting.

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Roof Bolter


Nkangala Mining Equipment



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Underground mining

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Gold & Platinum,Diamonds,Base Metals

Energy source

Diesel Electro-hydraulic

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Tramming & Rock Handling




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