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Contact: Sales or Julian Wills

Phone: 011 210 0700

Address: 6 Kindon Rd, Robertsham, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2091

Type: Rockdrill
OEM: Novatek
Mining Cycle: Stoping, Mine development, Roofbolting, Support drilling,
Mining Activity: Drilling, Roofbolting
Mining Method: Conventional, Mechanised, Hybrid
Mineral: Gold, Platinum, Chrome, Hardrock
Ore Location: Underground, tabular reefs
Rock Hardness: Up to 600 MPa [needs help text and format]
Operating Pressure: 14 to 18 for HP version, 10 to 16 for MP version (MPa)
: Refer to datasheet for complete specifications
Penetration rate: Up to 1 m/min in Norite, 34 mm button bit
Description: Novatek water rockdrills are used for drilling of blastholes and roofbolt holes. Drilling rates are much higher than pneumatic drills and ability in fractured rock is excellent due to the independent rotation system. Energy usage is typically 80% less than pneumatic drills. • Available to suit a range of operating pressures. • Lightweight and ergonomic; able to be operated by a single person. • Use as a jackdrill (with a thrustleg) or on a drill feed. May be remote operated for feed use. • Able to use 22 mm drillsteel (up to 1.5 m length) or 25 mm drillsteels. • Able to recirculate up to 75% of exhaust water (with additional hose). • In production use since 1991.