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Contact: Sales or Julian Wills

Phone: 011 210 0700

Address: 6 Kindon Rd, Robertsham, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2091

Type: Watering down, Spraying, Cleaning
OEM: Novatek
Mining Cycle: Stoping, Mine development, Roofbolting, Support drilling,
Mining Activity: Drilling, Blasting, Cleaning, Roofbolting, Support
Mining Method: Conventional, Mechanised, Hybrid
Mineral: Gold, Platinum, Chrome, Hardrock, Coal
Ore Location: Any
Rock Hardness: Any
Working Pressure: Typ 18 MPa
Nozzle: fixed or adjustable
Use as operating valve: Yes, on chainsaws and other equipment.
Description: The Novatek utility gun is used for: • Washing down and spraying, o with a lance with a fixed nozzle, or o with a variable nozzle that allows the spray cone to be adjusted from narrow to very wide. • As a control valve for other hydropowered equipment, such as chainsaws and other tools that require an on-off control. The Novatek utility guns are designed as a robust, fully repairable gun for harsh mining use. Note that the water used is not recirculated; pump and water reticulation design should cater for this. Features: • The gun body may be fitted with a variety of nozzle and lance configurations. • The trigger includes a safety catch to prevent accidental operation. • Low trigger force and progressive trigger action for excellent controllability. • In-line and angled outlet options.