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Name: Novatek
Contact: Sales or JulianWills
Phone: 011 210 0700
Email: sales@novatek.co.za
Website: http://www.novatek.co.za
Address: 6 Kindon Rd, undefined, undefined, Gauteng, 2091

The Novatek hydropowered linear motor is a reciprocating motor, single or double-acting that has a high force output and is capable of slow speed operation. This makes it ideal for applications requiring fine control, such as a driver for emulsion explosive pumps. It has the following features: • Simple on/off valve is required; various types may be used. • The motor automatically cycles until the valve is released. • The output piston reciprocates at the rate of about 1 Hz or less (depending on stroke length). This speed can be controlled via orificing. • Force, stroke and speed can be changed within the design parameters. The Novatek linear motor is used on hydropowered emulsion explosive loaders. Applications include: • Pumping of emulsion explosives into blastholes. • Pumping of grout into support holes.

Equipment Type





Mining Type

Linear Motor

Mine Development

Stoping, Support

Mining Activity

Blasting, Support, Grouting

Mining Method

Conventional, Mechanised, Hybrid


Gold, Platinum, Chrome, Hardrock, Coal

Energy source

Logistics & materials handling



Working Pressure: 18 MPa
Stroke length: 50 mm, other on enquiry
Self cycling : Yes, until control valve released
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