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Contact: Sales or Julian Wills

Phone: 011 210 0700

Address: 6 Kindon Rd, Robertsham, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2091

Type: Jet Pump- dewatering
OEM: Novatek
Mining Cycle: Stoping, Mine development
Mining Activity: Drilling, Cleaning
Mining Method: Conventional, Mechanised, Hybrid
Mineral: Gold, Platinum, Chrome, Hardrock, Coal
Ore Location: Underground, tabular reefs, Surface mining
Rock Hardness: Any
Working Pressure: 18 MPa
Flowrate: Contact Novatek with requirements
Description: The Novatek hydropowered jet pumps are used for: • General dewatering in working areas • Recirculating rockdrill exhaust water (with special inlets with non-return valves) in applications where simplicity and run-dry capability is required. The Novatek jet pumps use hydropower water as the motive fluid; a jet causes a venturi effect, sucking in and pumping the waste water. Note that the pump should only be used to move fluid against a low head. For general dewatering: • The pump has no moving parts and can run dry without problem. • Fairly large particles may be pumped without problem. • Various sizes may be made to suit specific applications. For recirculating rockdrill exhaust water: • The pump has connections for the drill exhaust hoses, with non-return valves to prevent return flow. • The exhaust water can be kept clean and returned to the pump feed tank. • The standard size will serve 2 rock drills.